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I. Insurance Portfolio Management

This is a long term arrangement wherein our insurance related services shall be available to you throughout the year on call basis. This will cover assistance on all general insurance products pertaining to property, personnel and liability. The activities include both advisory and implementation part and will act as an outsourced arm for all your insurance and risk matters

Moreover, you will have a backup available with you on any suggestions made by us during audit plus in the event of an unfortunate claim, our services will be available to you in expediting settlement of claim. In ground reality this is what any organisation should be looking for.
II. Legal liability Exposure

In the present day complex business world, there is a need for every organisation to visualise the possible legal liability which may arise out of various commercial contracts being entered into. Unlike in the past one can not be blind to the possible legal exposure nor can afford to be ignorant. Needless to state that the consequence of such indifference can be disastrous considering the present nature of legal claims made abroad as well as in India.

We shall assist you in

Identifying the legal exposure which can be protected effectively by taking appropriate liability insurance covers.
Advise you on appropriate indemnification clauses so that you have recourse on the third party whose error and omission would have resulted in the liability claim.
III. Insurance of property and personnel
We shall undertake to
Carry out a detailed inspection of your facilities to assess various physical risk exposures and verify the detection / protection appliances and other safety interlocks available in the facility.
Carry out a study of various policies with a view to identify gaps. Verify terms and conditions of your policies and suggest modification.
Verify the appropriateness of the premium rates charged and the adequacy of Sum Insured for different policies.
Considering the nature of your activities, develop a proper insurance package so that you can get maximum financial backup with minimum cost.
Advise on employee related insurance policy from employee welfare and employee liability perspective.
Represent to various Insurance companies to negotiate the best possible covers.
IV. Project Insurance Consultancy
Advise on responsibilities and Liability Exposures devolving on various project proponents viz. Principal, Contractor, Sub-Contractor, Lender, Design consultant, Project Management consultant, Equipment supplier etc.
Ensure compliance with the insurance requirements and arranging seamless covers to protect respective rights and interest of all project proponents.
Advice on conceptual decisions on Insurance like who should take insurance, what value, project/policy period, testing period and various add on covers to be opted.
Design an optimum Insurance plan for projects.
V. Claims Consultancy
We shall provide you complete guidance on claim matters. For this purpose, if need arises, we shall have technical discussion with insurance companies and surveyors in order to expedite the claim settlement and ensure that you are not deprived of rightful settlement of claims which are payable within the policy terms.
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