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As top executives, you must be aware that all costs are subject to a scrutiny. Last year you must have paid a substantial premium but has the insurance cost been audited?  Are you satisfied that you have not been paying more premium than you should, that you have been rated as per your hazard exposure that you have been getting all the discounts that you should be entitled to?

In India insurance as a cost does not lend itself to questioning on account of the fact that insurance is highly technical in nature. Consequently, insurance in most corporate organisations is dealt with a resigned acceptance, yet some niggling doubts always persist in the mind of the person accountable for the survival and profitability of the organisation:

Are we adequately covered as regards our vulnerable risk exposures?
In the event of a major loss, shall we be able to recover a substantial part of our loss or shall we find our insurance woefully inadequate?
Is there an uninsured liability exposure that can surface at the most embarrassing moments?
Are we missing out on major advantages in terms of coverage and premium by not looking at newer cost-effective options in insurance recently introduced by Insurance Companies?
Are we avoiding any business opportunities due to risks involved that can be effectively transferred with the help of new age insurance and other alternate risk transfer products.

These are precisely the areas where REVIEW can assist you.

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